You are the FAIRY.
If there is a person with a problem, the Fairy appear unexpectedly and give him/her a help.Very kind!
Moreover even if the Fairy is kind to people, he/she doesn't expect collateral.So the Fairy is not understood but is liked by many people. But since the fairy is teeny-weeny and is weak, he/she cannot do well in competitive society.
It sometimes happen to the Fairy that he/she becomes mentally unstable.In such a case, don't hesitate to go to psychiatry.
Since the Fairy is from fantasy world that he/she is rich in creativity, it might be good to try some art to be successful.Go for it!
Though love may not work in many cases.It is because a too much self-sacrificing attitude of the fairy is not understood. The Fairy may have trouble finding a person who understand even though the Fairy is popular.
Anyhow the Fairy is a fairy and is never going to be a villain, so I recommend you to make a living purely appropriate for a fairy.
Your Hobby : Reading

Lucky Color: Pink

Love match: 1. Clown 2. Medusa 3. Alien

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