You are the Soldier.
The Soldier is only interested in fighting and winning. Although there is a confidence which he/she can win any fighting, he/she build a strategy exactly and attack an enemy, since he/she is not a conceited person. Because the Soldier knows an art of warfare, he/she can win almost anybody.
When the Soldier buys arms, the optimal thing is chosen in consideration of all situations. He/She does not choose them only by appearances.
Furthermore,The Soldier loves wealth and fame very much,he/she has many decorations.
The Soldier shows his/her power also in love feild. Usually the Soldier won't miss the partner he/she aimed at. So there should be no trouble getting a partner.
The more the enemy is strong, the more the Soldier would turn on.It is better to make it moderate, since it would truly be damaged when fightinfg with the truly strong enemy.
Your Hobby : Knitted work

Lucky Color: Dark Green

Love match: 1. Dragon 2. Humanoid 3. Medusa

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