You are the Alien.
The Alien is highly intellectual.Over millionfold intellect than earthian.It is always possible for the Alien to conquer the earth, though he/she wouldn't do it since there is no merit for him/her.
So the Alien is a good body but not understood by people from his/her higher level of the intelligence.People always blame for mystery circles or anything on Alien.In a case like that the Alien murmur him/herself that "It is not me."
The Alien usually doesn't want to come out from the UFO ,but occasionally when he/she shows up at public, he/she suddenly becomes popular.The Alien doesn't like to be a popular since he/she is delicate, so he/she finds him/herself saying "Want me to attack the earth huh?" unthinkingly. After that the Alien discouraged in buying disgust from the rest of the world.
Since the Alien's intellection is too much advanced, only same Aliens can understand a mystery for it.
Because the Alien is intellectual, he/she does technical approach in love life, though he/she may not always be understood, since he/she is not so passionate.
Your Hobby :Insect collecting

Lucky Color: Silver

Love match: 1. Mecadragon 2. Cyborg 3. Boss

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