You are the Medusa and you have a bunch of snakes on your head.
Medusa is homey despite the appearances. It is hard to recognize, because she/he turn people into stone easily,she/he is in fact a very kind and caring person.It is a pity for him/her that he/she turns people into stone going against the grain.He/She is also the person with the large heart who is glad and takes over at petty work. Since the Medusa can read people's mind, it is easy for him/her to offer consultation of the troubled person. Basically he/she is a caretaker and find him/herself just giving a helping hand. Be careful, too much caring often result in meddling.
The Medusa is better to rush into marriage by finding good one if he/she remain unmarried, since he/she is homey.A good home will surely be made. Once the partner associates with the Medusa, it would become impossible for him/her to separate, because of witchy. But the partner should look out for not to turn into stone, since the Medusa is very jealous.
Your Hobby: Visiting temples

Lucky Color: Emerald

Love match: 1. Fairy 2. Clown 3. Cyborg

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