You are the Humanoid.
Q: What is a Humanoid?
A: Humanoid seems human but a little bit different creature.
The Humanoid dwells on originality of him/herself and it is compliment for him/her to say that he/she is different.
The Humanoid loves freedom. And he/she likes to do things without any inhibition.The Humanoid doesn't fit in formal human society.Although the Humanoid is lacking in sociality, since he/she excels in adaptation power, it is hardly noticed by the surrounding people.
The Humanoid loves new product so he/she would always buy new staffs. Moreover, the Humanoid has a feature of pursuing what cannot come into a hand easily than the one that easy to get.
The Humanoid change his/her idea constantly and say completely opposite thing by the end of yesterday and today.So he/she is a creature of frequent mind change and is easy to heat up and is easy to cool down. He/She comparatively has a latin mind. Because the Humanoid has a latin mind, he/she whould popular among man/woman.
The Humanoid may take a trip to somewhere serching for something.
Your Hobby: Sleeping

Lucky Color: Iridescence

Love match: 1. Dragon 2. Soldier 3. Clown

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