You who got the body of machine are the Cyborg.
The Cyborg has few idea about Humane, because he/she is machine. Iron body makes him/her feel no pain and he/she always execute his/her duty without expression.
It is useless for the cyaborg to explain the word "Failure". The Cyborg can always reboot him/herself so there is no regret and worry.
The Cyborg can do anything which ordinary people can't do and the most unreasonable demands can be managed without difficulty.Even if someone pushes disagreeable work, the Cyborg would do his/her job without complaint and never confused by the problem.
The Cyborg who manage any commands steadily is a good member of society.If the whole citizen in the world is the Cyborg, it will surely become constructive society.
Faultlessness sometimes becomes weak point conversely.Relax sometimes.
A love is not his/her speciality, though the Cyborg may not have trouble in a partner so much so that a cool part of him/her would attract a people.
Your Hobby: Slot Machine

Lucky Color: Purple

Love match: 1. Boss 2. Alien 3. Medusa

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