Always cheerful as you are the Clown.
The Clown is so lovely character that he/she is always surrounded by many people.Be careful, being alone will makes the Clown becomes autism.The Clown is going to die without acting. He/She is sacrificing his/her life for some kind of act.
The Clown is distinct in everywhere.If he/she has a talent in some area, he/she can come out on top without effort.Some people go green with envy sometimes, though they soon realize that he/she is the Clown and the he/she should deserve it.
So the Clown would be a popular among anybody in any occasion.
If you want to court with Clown, then you should first be his/her friend.Because the Clown usually pick loved one from his/her friends.
The Clown should be careful wasting his/her money, since he/she seldom has sense of money.So if you are the colwn, try always to check your wallet.

Your Hobby: Watching a Movie

Lucky Color: Yellow

Love match: 1. Medusa 2. Fairy 3. Humanoid

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