You are the MechaDragon.
Since this is a mecha + dragon, it is probably the strongest. The intellect of the dragon and the mecha's strength were mixed well and finished in the good monster of balance.
Even though the Mechadragon is the strongest, he/she has no idea of fighting. So there is little ways in which he/she can demonstrate his/her ability. It is a waste of talent.
It seems that the MechaDragon is promised a success, but even so, let's keep in mind that it will become the useless useless MechaDragon if he/she has acted insolently.since the useless useless MechaDragon tends to become DV husband and DV wife, so be careful. Although it is such a strongest MechaDragon, as there is unreasonableness in the combination of the dragon with a mecha, the MechaDragon may worry about a gap with the inside. It is a very problem of the strongest. Since the MechaDragon is the strongest, people cannot be consulted with, and there is only solving alone after all.
The mecahdragon will succeed mostly in love,unless he/she becomes even egocentric about love.
Your Hobby: Chatting

Lucky Color: Off-White

Love match: 1. Alien 2. Boss 3. Medusa

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