Your secret figure is the Dragon.
Usually Dragon lives near the volcanic crater, but he/she goes to a city and blow fire when he/she becomes tedious.
By the way, the Dragon is always loved by people because he/she is generous( Slightly white-livered ).
Because you are Dragon, you are not interested in a petty argument thing or petty money-making of mankind. So you will not blow fire even for slander.
Since the Dragon is a very reasonable and doesn't act by petty feeling, he/she can judge in an objective position when there is a confrontation.As if like a judge.People have set greatest trust to the Dragon by such a reason.
Because the Dragon reads legendary books a lot, he/she is well versed in history and a view is somewhat old fashioned.The Dragon respects tradition and sometimes he/she may look older than actual age.
The dragen has a mania for collecting things so that there always is something which Dragon brought from somewhere around the volcanic crater.Try learning the custom of throwing away what is not needed.
Speaking about love,the Dragon would probably be good to choose a person strong against heat, since the daragon is very passionate about love and also he/she blow fire.
Your Hobby: collecting fancy goods

Lucky Color: Red

Love match: 1. Soldier 2. Humanoid 3. Cyborg

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