You are the Boss who governs the city of the darkness.
Since the Boss has a charismatic personality and being born to be a Boss, he/she naturaly has a large following. The Boss wouldn't show his/her mercy for an act of a betrayal. Mercilessness is sometimes needed to live in the city of the darkness.
However the Boss has a generosity to accept the one as a member of his/her family if the one would pledge his/her loyalty.
The Boss decieve people only for the sake of his/her plan. Even though the Boss always hope to have peace among the Bosses, there always bring on a war because of his/her selfishness.
Sometimes the Boss becomes sentimental, thinking about the evil deed he/she has done. Though the Boss lapses into such dilemma, he/she can maintain the strongest seat.
The Boss becomes weak when his/her followers aren't present.It is thoe Boss's followers who makes him/her feel strong.So don't underestimate them. They might betray the Boss some day.
The Boss is sincere about love and he/she always love one person with all his/her heart ,so the Boss might not have lovers .
Your Hobby: money laundering

Lucky Color: Black

Love match: 1. Cyborg 2. Alien 3. Mecha-Dragon

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